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 Before you access this website, please remove the bandage from your eyes, leave behind any prejudices and open your mind. Don't look at women who have suffered trafficking as if they were blurred, diffused, about to disappear. Look at them well and you will find women who can transform their unjust experience into a tool to help other women.


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NOW!  Our Guide on Trafficking of Women.


The Guide on Trafficking of Women has been produced by Border Woman, a network of women who have managed to come out from trafficking. It is a document written by trafficking survivors for trafficking victims, as well as for policymakers and social and institutional agents concerned with preventing and combating trafficking.
Here, links:

English:     Guide on Trafficking of Women 



Français: Guide sur la Traite des Femmes



Español:   Guia sobre la Trata de Mujeres



Português: Guia sobre Tráfico de Mulheres


  (mais informações sobre Mujer Frontera in Português)




Handel kobietami – Przewodnik dla ofiar i organizacji pomocowych


 (more information about Mujer Frontera in Polish )



Despre Traficul de Persoane


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Real Stories....












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We wote these stories for our own process of dialogue and healing. 


They are based on real aspects of the lives of some of the women who suffered trafficking and joined BORDER WOMEN. 


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We  are join in the EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings. 



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(Video) Stories and recomendations about trafficking on women

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