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  • Sexual Exploitation

“SHE was imprisoned for a year, and forced to have sex with many men.”


  • Removal of organs

“HER ovules were taken and sold, SHE didn’t know what they were doing to her.”


  • Servile Marriage.

“SHE met her foreign husband through internet, but later SHE was trapped in a house, in an unknown country. SHE couldn’t talk with anybody, and suffered several forms of abuse.”

“SHE married a stranger to get her ID documents, to live legally in that country. But he forced her to live with him, in slavery conditions. He said he could report her to the police for being illegal, and for buying these documents… SHE was scared, locked up, isolated and raped for almost two years.”


  • Forced Marriage.

“SHE was forced by her family to get married, to live in Europe with a man she didn’t know”.

“SHE was sold by her family to pay a debt. The buyer married her, to have a legal frame to rape and exploit her without suspicions. 


  • Forced Begging

“SHE was forced to beg for money on the streets, if she didn´t do it, her children were beaten.”


  • Labor exploitation in Slavery conditions

“SHE was forced to work collecting fruits, SHE couldn´t go outside, SHE had no rest and no pay… Little food and a lot of punches.”

“SHE was requested by a wealthy family to work in domestic service; they paid her the flight from her country, but later they forced her to pay this favor. SHE was enclosed in an apartment for more than a year, serving all day, sleeping on the kitchen floor, without a day off, never paid.” 

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