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Stories and recomendations about          trafficking on women


Here are some videos we've reviewed that present different views on human trafficking.


Slavery video

Human Trafficking PSA  

Human Trafficking - A Human Rights Video

Human Trafficking trailer

Islamic lectures in Yoruba (stop trafficking women)

Child Trafficking and Women in Poverty

Human Trafficking Women for Prostitution

Trafficking of Women & Children

Trafficking of Women

Stop Woman Trafficking - Woman Delivery

Trafficking in women - UNODC Public Service Announcements

Tráfico de mulheres - Women Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

U N Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement

Stop the Trafficking of Women

women trafficking G1

How the Sex Trafficking Industry Is Evolving - Lydia Cacho

Women Hold up Half the Sky

Doctors of the World – Nepa l

Sex Slaver y

PSA Against Woman Trafficking - Please Set Me Free

Women trafficking: Booming business (Part 1)

Women trafficking: Booming business (Part 2 )

Women For Sale ! Shop Opens In Israel

Human Trafficking - RATIFY CEDAW NOW!!!

Stop Human Trafficking - House of Pain by Ajabez

VSAVic - Stop Human Trafficking

Trafficking !


Trafficking is TORTURE



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