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The formative processes enables us to acquire the tools and strategies for actions in support of women, as well as identifying entry-points to different social settings. Training allows us to work and participate as social agents, not just as victims of trafficking.
Our goal is develop training in the different countries where we live. As of now our first training experience has been in Barcelona (Spain), in 2010.
At the beginning of this action-research we had a loose understanding of how each one of us could contribute with our experience and background. One of Helga’s contributions as project coordinator was the design of a solid and coherent curriculum based on our own experiences, transformations and proposals.
The training was called “Course on intercultural mediation to address trafficking of human beings”.  People from different areas participated in the first course: NGO workers, immigrants, professors, police officers, social workers, students, psychologists and other. We did not participate as victims of trafficking; instead, our aim was to learn and participate as everyone else: as women and citizen with concerns and proposals.
The Department of Social Psychology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona offered the training facilities, and provided participation certificates to the students. This has been a transformative experience which has helped us move beyond victimhood and become mediators.
We would like to repeat this experience in other countries where some of us live. For that to happen we need a lot of help. If you have any suggestions on how to proceed, please let us know:
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